torstai 14. elokuuta 2014

So far so good

We made a plan with my chiropracter to quit eating sugar. Sounds pretty easy. And it is easy, because I don't need to add any sugar to my coffee. Don't ask me to quit drinking coffee, that just won't happen. Ever. Hopefully.

So, I haven't been eating any sugar say... between Sunday 10 pm and Monday 6 pm, that's a good thing, right? And if I just had one (and a half) scoop of ice cream yesterday after hard day at work, that doesn't count as sugar. I'm struggling here and I think I need SOMETHING sugary to eat. Was it this hard to quit gluten?

They also say that dairy is bad for you. That, my friends, is so easy. I don't need any milk products except cheese. Or cream cheese. Or cottage cheese. Please, I don't like ham, what should I put on my sandwitch then? But hey, sandwitch is also forbidden, so no problem here. Just quit eating rice cakes!

[Sigh!] Why do I (try to) do this? Because sometimes, out of the blue, my stomach gets upset in a quarter of second, and I have this very prolonged rash all over my skin. I want to get rid of that (and 25 pound of visceral fat). There definitely is something that my body can't deal with, hopefully it is sugar and wheat, not coffee or wine. And don't tell me that there's sugar in wine. I just can't take that information in right now. I'll consider thinking about that fact when I'm back from NYC in a week or so.

I'm so exited and I just can't hide it!

This contains no sugar! 

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