lauantai 23. elokuuta 2014

Back from NYC

Oh my, it was nice to visit the Big Apple, but I'm certainly happy to be back home. And the best thing about my being at home is, again: slept 12 hours at my own bed! It doesn't matter if my vacation is 2,5 weeks in Finland or 3 nights at NYC, I always need my beauty sleep with my own pillow.

So we did see 2 shows and paid as much for 2 tickets to MammaMia as I paid for 1 ticket for Phantom. Good deal, if I had one more night, it would have been $35 stand up show. That's going to be next time! But I'm not flying back next week, or even week after that... It's exhausting to wait for your delayed flight at JFK. I don't like airports at all and I definitely didn't like jfk.

Right now I'm planning to go to gym, Since it's too hot to go for a walk. And when I say planning to go, I mean planning. I'm also planning not to eat anything with sugar (I definitely slipped from everything in NY) and I'm so much planning not to have a cup of coffee (3rd one today). But since I most probably will have that coffee anyway, I'm planning where to drink it. There's plenty of options on this one: make my own, walk (it's over 90' right now) to Starbucks or drive there. And then is the timing, which is definitely important! If I have my cup of coffee now, can I have an extra one later in the evening? It's Saturday and if I won't have my Saturday chocolate you'd think that extra cup of coffee is all right?

I'll never run out of my excuses, but as my mom used to tell me, what is well planned is almost done, so I already kind of went to the gym. I kind of did my abs and push ups and a lods of streching since I'm pretty stuck after traveling and sleeping with that mean pillow of Broadway hotel.

Who am I kidding? Definitely myself. But here's a plan for tonight: first to gym, then that coffee and then reading one of my dozen unfinished books. With ONE glass of RED (less sugar) wine. And a little walk later in the evening.

But wait, hubby is going to cook some oysters and how can I even try to have one (I really don't like them, but I always try whatever someone cooks for me) without white wine? There goes my plan! I think I need a new plan, so I just need to lie on my sofa a bit longer.

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  1. What is it with the pillows ? I had a terrible pillow last night when we stayed in hotel - it was too big, it was too hard - and most of all, it was not MY pillow. I think I will join the teenagers who appear to be traveling with their own pillows (or that is what I see in planes)....
    All the best for new week -