keskiviikko 20. elokuuta 2014

NYC in 10 minutes

It's huge and best it shows from Empire State Building at the night. Beautiful. But since we have visited Shanghai, I'm not surprised.

Chinatown also smells like... China. Not so good.

NYC is beautiful, noisy and smells bad. How come you never remember how much garbage these big cities produce every day? I also feel cramped. I mean inside my hotel's stairways, streets that are full of stuff and tall buildings are trying to take their share of sun.

I like NY, but after 2 days (well 1 1/2) I am getting to the 'give me some space' state of mind. Especially at Times Square and in afternoon subway. Subway is handy though, but since my first ever subway experience was in St. Petersburg, I've always thought that subways should be DEEP underground.

There is so much to see that you just can't see it all without getting overwhelmed. I think I'll live happily ever after even if I don't visit MET or Natural History Museum. Or Madame Toussoud (don't even remember how it's written) or -please- Ripley's.

The Statue of Liberty is great. Manhattan is great. NYC is great. It will stay like that. But people are not southerners. Most of them are ok, but not great (I can never go back to Finland). And how come we hear German all over! We even pumped to some Swedish tourists in Central Park.

Tonight we'll see Phantom of the Opera and after that we can hopefully get some sleep. I certainly hope so. Shut up out there! Let this little country girl sleep. She is overwhelmed with all these noisy people.

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