maanantai 4. elokuuta 2014

I am not lazy!

I need to go to gym. Right now. I will go. In a minute. I just...

That is my problem in a nutshell. I am just too good at making excuses, starting to do dishes, pulling (just a couple of) weeds, reading that blog etc. I am the kind of person who needs to do everything in a row and never lay on a couch before all is done. But, of course you need to eat just something before you go, and then you need to wait a while so your big, fat tummy isn't too full. *sigh*

I got my first paycheck in US! Yau! It's not a fortune, but it's first and it's mine. To celebrate that I am going to drive myself to that gym and stay in shape so I can keep going. So far (4 workdays) I have earned $56 as tips, so I better get going. To that gym. And yes,  50% of my tips goes to DunkinDonut (cheaper coffee you know) and rest of it for Starbucks, because I just need to keep going. It's easier to go to DD than SnapFitness, where I'll go in a minute. Or maybe two.

No excuses!


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