tiistai 14. lokakuuta 2014

Ode to almond butter

It's been long time since I wrote something in English. Just because I can't think in this foreign language I use every day.

I simple can't formulate my thoughs in foreign language even if I can speak it (depending on a day) pretty fluently. Not without mistakes, with my terrible accent, but pretty fluently. Some days it surprises even  me, when I hear myself explaining how misalignments in soft tissues affect your body's functioning. Or something else as amazing fact about human anatomy or physiology.

But most days I stumble  with the most simple expressions. And then I stumble right here: after the second  paragraph my words just disappear! But this time I have a plan: I'll write about almond butter.

Yes, you read it right. I have learned many american habits, and peanut butter is one of those. Well, not really peanut, but almond butter. Yammy! And even more so if you add some coconut in to it. Delicious! Almost perfect substitute for sugar will be almond-coconut butter and sugar free, homemade apple butter. Next from heaven!

And no, it's not in-my-home-made, but ordered and deliveded by Ups at my door. Convenient, as is Absolute Organics, who delivers delicious, organic fruits and vegetables every other week. I'm addicted! In a couple of years I won't even go into Harris Teeter anymore, but wait in my car when they'll place my order At my trunk. In paper bags. When you go to cashier, they always offer those disgusting plastic ones (I do use my own bags. Every time.).

As a Finnish person, I will tell you the truth: it is easier to live without sugar for 4 days than without a cup of coffee for 8 hours. I have limited my amount of cups of coffee to two per day. And my always-telling-the-truth-chiropractor just laughs at my struggles: she doubts that my two huge mugs per day is any less than previous 5 cups. But if I am (barely) surviving from 1 pm until 6 am without any cafeine, it's huge!

But tell and figure: I have been waking up every morning at 6 am without alarm. Thanks to cafeine(deficiency)!

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