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Me, myself and I.

This is what my boss tells about me: Health.

This is how I describe me:

My name is Kata Hyvarinen, but you can call me just Kata.
I worked as a Finnish Language teacher for 17 years, but somewhere on a way I experienced some back issues and wasn´t happy about the way doctors treated me. That is when I found this traditional, neuromuscular, Finnish soft tissue technique and: found help!

I graduated as a licensed Massage Therapist in Finland 2007 (1600 hours), but continued studying this amazing integrative technique 2006-2009 (almost 600 hours). I got so into helping people, that I learned head massaging techniques, hand massage, reflexology, muscle testing, magic of herbs and essential oils, but always got back to our traditional technique. I had my business going and I still worked as a teacher (teaching massage techniques) as a part timer.

Then life brought a big surprise and me and my family moved to US 2012! To get licensed in North Carolina I graduated from NC Massage School with a certification in Neuromuscular Therapy.

Altogether 2300 hours of training and over 6 years of experience in Finland will ensure the best possible care and pain relieving techniques to help You in a wide variety if issues (headaches, shoulder or upper back pain, sciatica, low back or knee pain, etc.). You can also choose relaxing Swedish Massage or Neuromuscular Deep Tissue Massage, but ultimately the best results will be enhanced with my Special, Structural Integration Treatment, which combines all my skills in a truly painless and effective soft tissue treatment addressing the whole body.

If You are looking for a shorter relaxing treatment, you can choose to enjoy an excellent foot massage with 30 minute Rejuvenating Reflexology Treatment which is totally unique and refreshing.
You are very welcome to special treatment!

This is how my hairdresser makes me look:

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